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General copyright
Blank Canvas Photography always retains the copyright of all images produced for all clients; be they corporate & commercial, individuals or any personal photography by Robert Kerr.

All images contained on this site therefore are subject to UK Copyright Laws and remain the property of Robert Kerr and Blank Canvas Photography at all times (unless otherwise stated) and may not be used without prior permission.

No images may be downloaded from this webspace or copied and used without express permission from Robert Kerr of Blank Canvas Photography for any purpose whatsoever. Any unauthorised use of images belonging to Robert will be a breach of UK copyright laws.

Any image owned by or copyrighted to Blank Canvas Photography may be used for in-house marketing purposes, use on the Blank Canvas website or any portfolios produced by Robert. Some images may be sold via picture agencies such as fotoLIBRA and Alamy. A model / property release will need to be completed and signed by the client and Blank Canvas Photography for all images which will be marketed and sold in this way.

Blank Canvas Photography and Estate Agents.

After being commissioned to photograph a property, Blank Canvas Photography produces a licence agreement between themselves and the agent who commissioned the work. The Agent is then granted the rights to use the images supplied to advertise the commissioned property.

The Agent, under no circumstances is allowed to circulate the images to other agents without the prior permission of Blank Canvas Photography. Any such behaviour is a breach of both the copyright and licence agreement and is covered by UK copyright laws.
If any images are found to be with another agent, Blank Canvas is quite within their rights to seek compensation for the unauthorised use of the images.

Blank Canvas Photography and commercial commissions.
Blank Canvas Photography always retains the copyright of any of the images produced for commerical clients.

During the commissioning process, Blank Canvas Photography will arrange a rights licence for the commercial client to use the image(s). These usage licences vary from client to client and depend on the requested use of the image(s). Popular options include

  • Individual image rights - single use, multi use and royalty free.
  • All rights to use the images when and wherever the client wishes (usually Royalty free).
  • The rights to use the images for a timed period (usually between 1 and 5 years).

More information on photography copyright can be found on the Copyright Service website. Click here to view
Copyright infringement information can be found here.

If you have any questions about any of the copyright information here, or would like to speak to Robert about the use of any of his images,
please contact by email stating your intended image use or phone on 07971 202313 / 01773 605478
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